Question 1143

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13 Responses to “Question 1143”

  1. Mazl:

    that I have some

  2. KK:

    Their support and love they show through my joys, struggles, and sorrows.

  3. Susan:

    Simply, their willingness to listen.

  4. becca:

    Their company, honesty, and assurance.

  5. shipra:

    That they are my friends despite all the odds in me.

  6. zavia:

    that they are away

  7. Amy:

    dey make me smile even wen im havn my worst day…

  8. Cami:

    They stuck by me through my worst years, and they accept me, anxiety disorders and all.
    They also keep in touch with me even though we don’t live near each other.

  9. Senbon:

    Their ability to be compatible with me and love me for who I am

  10. chichay:

    their efforts in making me laugh

  11. Sara:

    their grasp on reality. <3 Andi, Sofia

  12. k:

    Their individuality

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