Question 1145

Photo by: Sara Alfred

11 Responses to “Question 1145”

  1. Chiara:

    I cook for them 🙂

  2. Mazl:

    give ’em a kiss. X

  3. shipra:

    I get coochy-coo with my love

  4. Susan:


  5. Eva:

    I write them a letter of how much they mean to me. It lasts a lot longer that way and they can always reread it in their darkest hour. In the letter, I list the reasons (usually 100) why they mean so much to me.

  6. Stephanie:

    I show just a little more of myself.

  7. Lorraine:

    let them know everytime and anytime of day.

  8. P.J.:

    I tell them.

  9. chichay:

    i make them feel very appreciated

  10. k:

    respect their wishes and dreams

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