Question 1151

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  1. Stephanie:

    “Can you help me?”

    The people who deserve it almost never ask. The people who ask almost never deserve it.

  2. Justin:

    Well, I am deaf haha.

    But what I would appreciate not seeing in signs or reading someone lips is, “Oh my god! How did you become deaf? Do you like it or do you want to be hearing? “. It made me tempted to ask them, “Oh, you are hearing? How did you become hearing? Are you okay with it? ” Everyone is born with something and it became part of who you are.

  3. tash:

    “S/he is ugly”. No matter who you say this to or who you are taking about.

  4. dada:

    “I am leaving you, its not your fault ….I dont know what I want ….”


  5. shipra:

    the sarcasm and reminders of mil & sil. They live their own life and do not want any interferences but they want to interfere our life to an extent that it gets on my nerves.They make mistakes, no problem but when shown how it hurts, it is my mistake. If they want to do something bad to me then they should expect the same from me on my turn.

  6. Rod:

    ‘No one will love you like I do’. Said by my abusive ex wife. It was a lie and I have wonderful love in my life now.

  7. Brendon:

    Nicki minaj

  8. KK:

    ” Are you pregnant yet?”

  9. Talia:

    “You will never succeed”

  10. Mazl:

    ‘fix your hair up’

  11. Cami:

    LOL I agree with Brendon. I wouldn’t mind never hearing Nicki Minaj again!

    I would also like to never hear, “What size do you wear?” and “How much do you weigh?” not because I’m ashamed of my body, but because I don’t think it matters and it’s really rude to ask those questions.

    Another is, “I wish I had your hair!” Um, no you don’t.

  12. Sherry:

    Lies..they are hurtful and you can never fully trust the same.

  13. P.J.:

    my mother’s voice

  14. Bryce Dudley:

    Lies, And, “I’m breaking up with you”.

  15. JRB:

    The negative, horrible things I say to myself.

  16. Senbon:

    a rejection

  17. chichay:

    bad things they say about my mom

  18. kerri:

    An alarm clock!

  19. Some mean stuff hurled at my uncle, who by the way is deaf. I wrote about him here:

    Thanks, Thought Questions.

  20. Ella:

    I wont do it again….Lol

  21. Bella:

    When people lie.

  22. k:


  23. Desiderata:

    Its your fault!

  24. My aunt shrieking “my baby! Where’s my baby as she’s rolled into the chapel where my three year old baby girl Gracue lay cold and pale in a closed coffin.

  25. K.E.M.:

    “Why are you so quiet?”

  26. Joleen:

    You know there’s a story about slugs – five of them made a race and all slugs were watching, sreaming: You can’t do that! That’s too difficult! Attention, you can fall down!
    And every slug gave up but one. After the race, the slugs came to the winner, asking how he coud do that. And as they asked, they realised that he was deaf.


    But I would totaly miss the waves and the wind 🙂

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