Question 1152

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25 Responses to “Question 1152”

  1. Stephanie:

    People’s names.

  2. Susan:

    For some reason, I have very few memories of my childhood.

  3. dada:


  4. shipra:

    what is to be done

  5. Mazl:

    my music

  6. Christine Ha:

    knowledge from highschool

  7. Cami:

    I wish I could remember my childhood more clearly. It’s just a blur of sunshine, sprinklers, christmas lights, and cheese puffs.

  8. Marianna:

    The first year of each of my children’s lives… they were so chaotic.. it’s all a blur.

  9. JRB:

    The years my children were growing up.

  10. danny:

    all the people who came into my life and loved me

  11. Randy Seabrook:

    My childhood years. I only remember bits and pieces. I think that is so weird. But I know that I wasn’t very happy so maybe that’s why I don’t remember it. Maybe my brain has erased the unhappy parts.

  12. Unbelievaburgers:

    My birth. Seeing the light and busting through my mom’s vagina to bless the world with my Divine presence.

  13. peggie:


  14. Gulu:

    All the good things that had happened in my life.

  15. Theresa:

    the past.

  16. Kennedy:

    My childhood.

  17. Ella:

    My children being born and their early years.

  18. offdawall:


  19. Bella:

    Time spent with my Dad before he passed away when I was 11.

  20. k:

    every moment

  21. Kayla:

    my family who has passed on

  22. just_jess:

    My childhood

  23. Katlynn:

    Well the one thing i want to remember is my learning at school. because i´m in middle school AKA 8th grade and i go to highschool next year. i will need to remember my learning progres in middle school so by the time i´m in highschool it won´t be that hard for me since i will already know some of the stuff from middle school.

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