Question 1159

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15 Responses to “Question 1159”

  1. P.J.:

    Other peoples’ fears

  2. P.J.:

    hey, isn’t that the question from two days ago?

  3. shipra:

    Other person’s weak points.

  4. An Ony Moose:

    The fire

  5. Jarvis:

    Known Addictions

  6. Eljai:

    Other people’s food and kids, and their dog if you don’t have permission. Never just go up and mess with someone’s kid or dog. Just dont

  7. Ella:

    Someone else’s purse.

  8. zavia:


  9. JRB:


  10. Navyshebee:

    Anything that is not yours,ask if you wish to touch, especially a pregnant woman’s belly. i dont know why people feel they have the right to reach out and touch someone elses belly if there is a child in there.

  11. Sara:

    a penis

  12. chelsea:

    my face/head. i find it so disrespectful.

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