Question 1160

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16 Responses to “Question 1160”

  1. Laila:

    Overprotective boyfriends

  2. Ben:

    Tattoos that you can see even when the person is dressed for work!

  3. shipra:

    a girlie talk to woo boys

  4. Susan:

    Tattooes. Yuk.

  5. Mazl:

    children who are encouraged by overly doting parents to be rude, cheeky, disrespectful and badly behaved and who think the rest of the world are amused by their ‘free spirited’ off spring….

  6. The Giyomi meme. Urgh.

  7. Jarvis:


  8. Susan:

    Oh and another thing: People who are ‘self-promoters’ – who always want their picture in the paper or are always talking about how great they are and how their life is so perfectly happy.

  9. Ella:

    Rude children and men that walk up and ask your name without introducing themselves, woman that call strangers by pet names “hun”, “sweety” etc.

  10. P.J.:

    For some reason, almost every time I tell some I have pet rabbits, they make a joke about eating them. “I just want to kill something you love. Lighten up!”

  11. Navyshebee:

    Racial or sexual jokes.

  12. yw84fun:

    Stuffed animals. One, maybe. A small, unusual one. But I have no idea what I would do with more than one. Give me an old shirt of his anytime!

  13. chelsea:

    pet names without your acceptance.

  14. Swag, yolo, rap, cussing, little cloth wear, niki manaj, Kesha, pink (the color), surgery for implants, and anorexia

  15. Tara:

    When girls act stupid/ditzy to be funny or flirty. Its f*cking annoying.

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