Question 1163

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18 Responses to “Question 1163”

  1. Julian:

    In the arms of my wife.

  2. Mazl:

    In the arms of my husband

  3. Eljai:

    To fall asleep, honestly tired, doing a gratitude list in my head.

  4. A long shower and a conversation with my boyfriend.

  5. Eva:

    Listening to music and watch the stars on the roof

  6. KK:

    A good snack and tv show.

  7. dada:

    a good swimm in the sea will do

  8. Kennedy:

    Eating Mexican food.

  9. JRB:

    With my husband knowing I’m safe, secure, and unconditionally loved.

  10. Alicia:


  11. zavia:


  12. zavia:


  13. Navyshebee:

    meditation,Telling my husband I love him and relaxing nmusic as I drift off to sleep.

  14. Kayla:

    Watching television and spending time doing whatever I wish doing

  15. David:

    In the backyard with my kids talking around a campfire.

  16. Janelle:

    A chilled glass of wine and a hot bath followed by making love before sweet sleep.

  17. jaejae:

    sleep with a facemask immediately after a warm shower.

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