Question 1164

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16 Responses to “Question 1164”

  1. Whether to study for college finals or help a person in need (who’s never ever been there for me).

  2. Rod:

    Decaf or regular?

  3. KK:

    To get out of bed or not.

  4. Karen:

    Which TV show to watch on my Roku, given to me as a Mother’s Day gift.

  5. Eva:

    How to word my letter to College Board about using the OpenDyslexic font on AP exams

  6. shipra:

    To work as per my satisfaction.

  7. tash:

    To study for my exam tomorrow or not.

  8. P.J.:

    Today I had to decide to let someone else make the decisions.

  9. JRB:

    What kind of flowers to plant in the front yard.

  10. Navyshebee:

    To dael with my pain with a positive attude

  11. angelo:

    To Study.

  12. Richard:


  13. Bonnie:

    Whether or not to walk out on my job, or stay and be miserable. Almost seems obvious right?

  14. jaejae:

    wake up or not

  15. Wether or not to trust someone

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