Question 1165

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16 Responses to “Question 1165”

  1. Deb:

    Child abuse

  2. shipra:


  3. Mazl:

    racist comments

  4. Being taken for granted.

  5. KK:


  6. Kennedy:

    All of the above!

  7. P.J.:

    purposeful ignorance

  8. gk:


  9. Stephanie:

    Defeat. There’s always a way to win.

  10. dada:

    my brothers behavior

  11. zavia:

    bad behavior

  12. Simona:


  13. Navyshebee:

    Abuse and female castration, human trafficking, intolerance of others, laughing at those and making fun of those with disabilities, insesitive people. that is what bothers me and I feel that the world needs to be educated on many of these things. Some may not even know they are supporting, things like trafficking. the world is a harsh place let’s all try and make it better.

  14. Heather:


  15. Bullying. Abuse. Jerks. People who think they are everything. Sexists.

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