Question 76

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17 Responses to “Question 76”

  1. Traveling and writing, with my kids beside me 🙂

  2. Fran:

    being a teacher in my very own classroom!
    riding and showing my own horse!

  3. i dont know but i imagine myself feeling MUCH MUCH better than now!

  4. Krishna:

    Busy in house hold chore and busy with kids

  5. Romer Jed:

    Owning a bookstore with Megan and reading Manga and Novels all day in nice rainy weather in the middle of nowhere.

  6. Rachel:

    Writing! 🙂

  7. Katelyn:

    Officer in the United States Air Force or Army

  8. Teaching algebra in a no-name high-school somewhere around Seattle, WA. >>”

  9. Jenny:

    Painting with my sole mate

  10. kat:

    working on a PhD in law, finding the man i love, writing more novels after the ones i’ve written have been published, and laughing about old jokes with my best friends

  11. April:

    A mommy?
    A psychologist?
    Graduated from college.
    Living on the east coast?
    Living my dreams.

  12. Emma:

    Working as a journalist for a magazine
    Surfing on Bondi Beach
    Visiting my sister in New York for fashion week
    Watching my sister dance at a performance at the Opera House

  13. Ris:

    I can see myself surfing every morning with my family, taking trips to visit some of my other old friends, touring with a band.

  14. Nick:

    Making graphic designs.

  15. Julie Takase:

    playing with 2 rascals and loving every minute!

  16. Rowena:

    Married with kids 🙂

  17. sabrina:

    owning my own home, living in the country with my animals, do some travelling,achieving my goals, working in a job I’m passionate about and making a difference

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