Question 1169

Photo by: Luis Hernandez

15 Responses to “Question 1169”

  1. Rajeev:

    I can change my habit to respond and not react

  2. Susan:

    The negative self-talk that’s in my head 24/7. I can only change ME.

  3. Stephanie:

    I can change how good the world is, by attitude and by actions. 😀

  4. Myself and my attitude. 🙂

  5. Christine Ha:

    my fate

  6. Deb:

    The way my story will end.

  7. P.J.:

    your attitude

  8. angelo:

    my relationship with my Family. My Present and Future

  9. The world. I hope

  10. nait:

    my outlook on life

  11. mel:

    Only myself

  12. chelz:

    your outlook

  13. Bala:

    Life of People who have believed in me , So that they can make a life out it.

  14. BubblesQ:

    Being paranoid *

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