Question 1171

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15 Responses to “Question 1171”

  1. KK:

    The beach.

  2. Romina:

    The mountains

  3. shipra:

    To have a walk on the road lined with trees with refreshing breeze flowing through the trees.

  4. Talia:

    There is an awesome nature walk in my neighborhood that has a creek. My lab loves to lay in the water! It is such a beautiful walk

  5. Susan:

    Sitting on the patio of my favorite restaurant on the shores of a lake sipping a glass of wine.

  6. Julz:


  7. Eljai:

    up to my knees in a shallow pond…or The Grand Canyon

  8. Kayla:

    I would go back to my previous house, which is on my grandfathers farm, and lay in the grass behind the barn in my backyard where there are trees and three inch blades of grass.

  9. deonira:

    i enjoyed sitting in the tree at my parents’ garden when i was a little child. i felt so lonely there but so free

  10. Randy Seabrook:

    Myrtle Beach, S.C. Or Lake George, N.Y.

  11. David:

    Moab Utah beneath Delicate Arch at sunrise.

  12. My tree named ebony

  13. Tim:

    The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

  14. BubblesQ:

    Ocean & Mountains *

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