Question 1174

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15 Responses to “Question 1174”

  1. Julz:

    courage to defend yourself.

  2. Mazl:

    allowing others make me feel guilty when I say no, or am unable to fill their expectations

  3. Brian:

    Getting me to feel as if i should be guilty for saying NO! Unintentional or not

  4. Susan:

    Others really can’t do anything to you unless you ALLOW them to. So, we should stop ALLOWING others to manipulate the way we think and feel.

  5. Jim:

    Stop allowing it to irritate me when some people fuss at me when I can’t understand (hear) what they are saying.

  6. P.J.:


  7. shipra:

    stop fussing over the smallest points when there are bigger scenarios waiting for attention.

  8. Randy Seabrook:

    I need to stop letting others make me feel bad about being myself and doing things my way. I can’t be anyone but myself and I am the best me there will ever be.

  9. Mai:

    I need to stop letting others make me feel less than worthy.

  10. ALP:

    Decide for me

  11. KK:

    Don’t allow anyone to start doubt in yourself.

  12. People who ac immature a f try and get me to watch immature things

  13. Mar00n~H:

    angry me

  14. Jacey:

    Telling who I should be and how I should live.

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