Question 1176

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  1. Stephanie:

    Sometimes I hate the hand I’ve been dealt. My life isn’t as I want it to be, and that’s what disappoints me. No matter, I take those deficits and play them as winning cards. It’s 3 Queens, not 4 Aces. It’s not the best hand, but it is mine, and I can playe it as a winning hand. Hmmm… and this disappoints me why?

  2. KK:

    How it’s God will that my husband and I have spent thousands of $ on treatments to get pregnant. I’ve had 2 miscarriages in the past year.

  3. bill:

    too short

  4. Mazl:

    the days are not long enough….

  5. P.J.:

    That people you would lay your life down for can put your life at risk and then walk out of your life after 30 years like you never existed.

  6. Randy Seabrook:

    The pain and suffering that people cause and go through.

  7. shipra:

    the pain and agony we give to our loved ones.

  8. dada:


  9. dada:


  10. Ranica:

    When I fail to reach expectations

  11. angelo:

    Is people who pray on the Weak.

  12. Effie:

    When bad things happen to good people.

  13. Jodie:

    that people don’t always say what they mean or mean what they say.

  14. Truth:

    The way people lie to themselves about who they are.

  15. just_jess:

    I feel like I’ve missed my opportunity to have my happy ever after… No husband and no kids and I don’t see it happening. Ever.

  16. Navyshebee:

    Doctors not listening and saying it is all in your head, when chronic pain is making life difficult to manage.

  17. Susan:

    Nothing really, just the ways we limit ourselves.

  18. ALP:


  19. Grace:

    hate. when we only have 80 some years, we don’t have the time to treat others badly.

  20. kitty:

    How people of power generally respect suck up’s as opposed to genuine people. The world is too backwards.

  21. gina:

    That bad things can happen to good people.

  22. BubblesQ:

    He will say that he will be there at this hour, but arrives late!

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