Question 1183

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20 Responses to “Question 1183”

  1. Susan:

    Cook nutritiously; garden; sew; run a marathon; love; forgive. I’ve learned most all things through trial and error. One can only hope that the learning never ends.

  2. David:

    Learn to work interculturally.

  3. Mazl:


  4. jo:

    make changes to the code on my blog…sounds so small but I always thought it was it way over my head until i gave it a go and started with small changes.

  5. Heather:

    To type without looking. Never took classes!

  6. Janelle:

    Be myself.

  7. Debbie:

    To use a computer.

  8. Kayla:

    Not judge others

  9. ALP:

    When I was 8, I taught myself to ride a bike…. back when there were no helmets.

  10. Brian:

    cooking dec ent sphagetti

  11. Grace:

    I’m proud that I learned to play tennis. I was always too shy and awkward to play sports when I was little, but I ended up being pretty good at tennis.

  12. jaejae:

    korean. dance.

  13. Sarah:

    To tell time! HA! We were taught in 5th grade or so and I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I ended up teaching myself

  14. Navysheebee:

    knit and spin wool…..

  15. Belle:

    Guitar, piano, and paint

  16. Kaylee:

    Write. I don’t mean how to write ABC’s, but writing stories with dialogue.

  17. Vivi:

    This Piano teacher turned me away when I was 12 because she didn’t sense any musical talent in me. Youtubed synthesia and now most people that hear me play tell me I’m the most talented player they have ever seen. Its the hardest I’ve ever worked and practiced at something, but completely worth it.

  18. BubblesQ:

    Diversion *

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