Question 1185

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14 Responses to “Question 1185”

  1. Brian:

    Found this website (-:

  2. Jeff:

    Admit my mistakes.

  3. Ivona:

    Became physically active and started working on my insecurities.

  4. Christine Ha:

    acknowlegde myself

  5. shipra:

    Act active, and financially wise

  6. Grace:

    homework, studying (essentially i wish i didn’t procrastinate)
    also read, i’m always wanting to read books.

  7. jaejae:

    get my act together and take charge of myself

  8. BRC:

    Finish college

  9. Nani:

    had my baby boy sooner. I did not wanted to have a bay yet, but having him changed my life.

  10. Tell Gracie I loved her

  11. Belle:

    Start working out… I never should have procrastinated for this long.

  12. ALeon:

    I should of broken off with my ex 3years ago instead of now

  13. Terry:

    Walked away.

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