Question 1186

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16 Responses to “Question 1186”

  1. shipra:

    My patience and ability to keep quiet

  2. Mazl:


  3. Grace:

    books, good company, iced tea

  4. Eljai:

    Awareness of the larger truth/reality

  5. KK:


  6. Shannon:

    Money and time

  7. Time. I spend way too much of it on non productive tasks.

  8. janelle:

    sex,love,and affection.

  9. Praise to boost my self-esteem I am working on it

  10. Navyshebee:

    Touch from my husband, affection ,not necessarily sexual, just cuddling, and talking would work.

  11. kitty:

    Hugs and kisses from my boyfriend. I am so in love.

  12. Belle:


  13. ALeon:

    beach! sun! NATURE!!

  14. BubblesQ:

    Positive Life Blogs 🙂

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