Question 1187

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28 Responses to “Question 1187”

  1. Love.

  2. Mazl:

    my father’s wisdom, humour, encouragement and the mutual joy we felt being in each other’s company – he was MY dad!

  3. Ben:

    My ability to trust my spouse:(……..infidelity is a nasty relationship destroyer!

  4. Eljai:


  5. KK:

    Happiness without constant fear.

  6. Sandra:

    My self-respect and belief in myself–I’m working on getting these back now.

  7. Alicia:


  8. Ivona:

    My inner voice.

  9. Sarah:

    My brother.

  10. SMG:

    Myself. Being honest and true to what is important to me while learning to tune out others opinions.

  11. Shannon:


  12. John:

    My father

  13. alyah:

    My heart.
    To someone who I should never have encountered.

  14. My son

  15. BRC:

    My self respect and the value of my marriage. I found both again and vow to never lose either one ever again.

  16. P.J.:

    My foster family

  17. Navyshebee:

    My memory due to a Traumatic Brain Injury due to my PTSD in service to my countryand our freedoms.(which are now being stripped from us without our knowledge , right under our noses.)

  18. paul:


  19. Trust

  20. Hebba:

    My being a medical doctor

  21. Belle:

    My grandparents….

  22. Bala:

    My Loving Father

  23. Nic:

    My partner.

  24. Jess:

    My best friend

  25. Jess:

    My sanity

  26. Rose:

    My Self.

  27. BubblesQ:

    Right now? My focus.

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