Question 1191

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28 Responses to “Question 1191”

  1. nani:

    from the guy at the other end of the world and who I really miss <3

  2. Brian:

    My wife

  3. dada:


  4. Susan:

    My mom

  5. My best friend.

  6. Helena:

    My best friend who made me incredibly happy.

  7. Jay:


  8. zeee:


  9. P.J.:

    Nobody. It’s one in the morning. Nothing good could come from hearing from anyone at this time.

  10. jane:

    My 14 year ola cousin who passed away last year

  11. One of two people who can always make me happy.

  12. Keith:


  13. Kelly:

    my boyfriend who is studing in other country

  14. Alicia:

    CJ <3 He gives me butterflies and always puts a smile on my face.

  15. Nani:


  16. Heather:

    I’d love to hear from Les right now.. he’s gone at his families house, they don’t like me, can barely get a hold of him because they don’t let him know when I call. I’m carrying his child right now, and I feel so lost not being with him..

  17. nicolas:

    My original answer is “my straight best friend with whom I am stuck in an unrequited love”.
    But “God” would be better. I want to ask him what I should do.

  18. Mana:

    Kin…and spend an afternoon talking to him.

  19. Rob:

    If not, then her…

  20. Gracie…I miss you baby. Couldn’t you have grown up? Three years was too young…too young…

  21. Hebba:

    Emad Afifi

  22. Belle:

    Lol the guy of my dreams….Where are you?

  23. JRBLANK:

    The person I interviewed with and I was offered the job.

  24. j:

    my gopal

  25. Ellie:

    P… even though he doesn’t like me the way I like him…

  26. Tim:

    My father, who died 42 years ago. I’d like to know why he did what he did to his first family.

  27. BubblesQ:

    No one *

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