Question 1192

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27 Responses to “Question 1192”

  1. Irony:

    A nauseatingly garish beige.

  2. Brian:

    Shades of green. Sometimes growing, sometimes envious, hardly ever neutral. Always having potential

  3. Eljai:

    the color of the sky. because I live by the Sun. Because it’s true.

  4. Mazl:

    yellow – because my life has more sunshine than rain

  5. Lalitha:

    Orange is vibrantly neutral, neither high nor low energy potential, generating positive vibrations around all. Scientifically this color activates many reactions inside the human body.

  6. Jim:

    yellow: my life ALSO has more sunshine than rain!

  7. 66ccff – Green and blue, hopeful and grown, more light than dark.

  8. Stephanie:

    French Mauve, D473D4, because, why not? It’s a pretty color, and something you don’t always see.

  9. becca:

    seafoam green, because it’s calming, and sad, and envious, all at the same time.

  10. niki:

    red. being the color of blood, it represents both life and death – we cannot live without blood and yet we often associate it with dying. it is passionate and bold, the most difficult color to look at, and because of that, i think it represents my life well. i am alive, but at the same time, dying. i may not always be the easiest person to be around, but i know who i am and i’m not afraid to be me.

  11. Kelly:

    Green, i like it because it brings more meaning for my life.

  12. zavia:


  13. Nani:

    red, the color of passion, life, hope and ambition

  14. Kay:

    Yellow – sweet and sour! 🙂

  15. Hotchkiss:

    White.. Sometimes my life felt blank because I walked to fast. Sometimes, me, my friends, family or strangers, people- pour colour into it. Sometimes, it is mix with other colour to form another colour.
    Sometimes, it decolourise.

  16. I love your answer, Hotchkiss!

  17. Yellow, because it is the colour of happiness and sunshine and summertime and smiley faces 😀

  18. Mandy:

    Honestly, Black is the first color that came to mind.

  19. Halima:

    Red because it represents the colour of love,life,death and ambition

  20. L:

    A colour that might look dull or boring, but combines well with pretty much every other colour. Besides, it can be actually beautiful if you give it a proper look.

  21. Black. Because the darkness I the only place I can truly hide

  22. Navyshebee:

    Purple…it gives me positve self image and power to do things i might not do, there are many shades from royal, to pale like wild reminds me of beauty inside and out.

  23. Belle:

    White. I am lost.
    And blue. It represents tranquility and sincerity.

  24. Jaime:

    Orange. It is amusing and fun. I would like to hide in the background, but most often am unsuccessful at this. Fall is my favorite time of the year. When I look at it, I feel a zest for life.

  25. Michelle:

    Pink – it is calming, energising & fun!

  26. BubblesQ:

    Black. Even if it`s black, you can still see its colour through perspectives.

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