Question 1194

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29 Responses to “Question 1194”

  1. Tobi:

    The fear of God

  2. Susan:

    Everything in moderation. Including moderation.

  3. Mazl:

    accept that man has limited intelligence and that there is a time to have faith and trust in God

  4. zavia:

    let ppl go 2 hell

  5. Nani:

    Don’t do anything that makes you feel bad inside. Anybody else don’t matter.

  6. Anonymous:

    Always thank the bus driver.

  7. Ranica:

    love is different from stupidity. learn the difference.

  8. shipra:

    do what u want, let people mutter what they want.

  9. nicolas:

    No advice is superior to your own conscience.

  10. Eljai:

    Trust your instincts

  11. Yolande:

    Save your money. Don’t use credit. Get an education. Learn a trade. Be computer savy. Keep healthy.

  12. zavia:

    be honest

  13. zavia:

    always speak truth and use right means for earnings

  14. Jazmen:

    Live your truth–do what is authentic to you.

  15. Take care of your health.

  16. Sheridan:

    When people show you who they really are, believe them!

  17. Justis:

    Enjoy it: the happiness, the sadness, the tragedy, the recovery, everything about life. It may seems wrong to enjoy everything but always keep in mind that life is more than what you think it is. Things may happen but life always pulls you up and make you feel better but only if you let it. It’s your choice. Remember that.

  18. JRBLANK:

    Live and enjoy each moment. Never stop stretching!

  19. bregk:

    Seek knowledge ,ignorance is root of misfortunes

  20. Charles:

    Smile and laugh even with things go wrong.

  21. Belle:

    Quit procrastinating on your goals.

  22. Mar00n~H:

    -stop caring what others think and whatever u want from life don’t let anyone make u feel u can’t do it

  23. Natalie:

    Learn to let go

  24. eggtats:

    keep asking questions …

  25. garfield:

    Watch the last lecture by randy pausch and watch it as soon as possible.

  26. smileordie:

    If you think you can’t, you won’t.

  27. Tim:

    Be good to yourself–and to the others in your life!

  28. BubblesQ:

    Dont dwell in the past. Seize the moment.

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