Question 1196

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20 Responses to “Question 1196”

  1. Susan:

    Bullying (amongst MANY others) that I’m sure will be supplied by other contributors

  2. Gregg Zwilling MD:


  3. Lilian:

    Incorrect question. As it is – assumes ultimate good amd ultimate bad. Which we know dont exist. Everything is subjective.
    So if you transform it to “What YOU would never tolerate”, I’d answer: cruelty, intentionally causing of pain, destructivity.

  4. shipra:

    they tend to spy on us while acting concerned

  5. zavia:


  6. Mandy:

    emotional and physical abuse

  7. Debi:


  8. Unbelievaburgers:

    Expressing opinions that are wrong.

  9. Justis:

    Being selflish to get what they want and not considering of how others felt.

  10. A:


  11. Bullying.

    Also women (particularly teenage girls) saying things that they shouldn’t even know about.

  12. Navyshebee:

    incompetance, I do not tolerate this it comes right behind lieing and being a thief.

  13. Belle:

    Rudeness and cruelty. Get some fucking kindness.

  14. Unbelievaburgers:


  15. Ria:

    Insulting or hurting my friends.

  16. Mar00n~H:

    insulting religions

  17. Mar00n~H:

    and ‘Unbelievaburgers’ u might as well respect your self the question clearly said behaviour not certain people so if u don’t like it keep it to ur self .

  18. Natalie:

    Back stabbing

  19. garfield:

    Attacking those weaker than themself just because they are weaker and know they’ll win.

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