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  1. I used to let things own me, like who hadn’t ­čśë
    Now I learn to own things.
    Be more accurate, I learn to handle my desires, which are lovely little naughty things ­čÖé

  2. Before someone answers this question, I would suggest you consider my interpretation of this question. To me, having something you own, “own” you is when you base your schedule around said thing, or you are willing to give up things like time and energy not necessary, for the “thing”.

    Another way to look at it is do you put your life around the thing, or do you go about life, and make time for the thing. My example would be Google Reader. I have 47 subscriptions to different site feeds, and I could let it control me. I COULD go on it every chance I get, and keep it open in my browser at all times. Instead, I set time aside in the morning for me to check them after I shower, and before I go to bed. No other times.

    However, I know of people who play World Of Warcraft all the time, and will sacrifice their life for it. That’s the extreme though.


  3. Baxt:

    ..How did you get a picture of my office..?

  4. EmilyBee:

    Sadly, I think my things own me.

  5. I used to live to aquire ‘things’. I have lost all of my ‘possessions’ recently and learned that life goes on. And the most valuable thing I own is my heart and soul and the ability to love and be loved. Now things don’t matter as much.

  6. A Wise Fool:

    I love this question because it reminds me of a story by Julio Cort├ízar. It is titled “Pre├ímbulo a las intrucciones para dar cuerda al reloj”, or in English, “Preamble to the Instructions on How To Wind A Watch”.

    He ends by saying that the watch wasn’t given to you for your birthday, YOU were given to IT for ITS birthday. =)

  7. I choose to think I own my things.

  8. April:

    I took four days to clean my room out! I finally own my things!!! I got rid of so much stuff and so much baggage from the past. It was so refreshing.

  9. Jomz:

    Definitely, I own my things. I am well organized and don’t like messy and random things.

  10. Nick:

    Sometimes, my things own me, but I’d like to think otherwise.

  11. Rowena:

    Sometimes my things own me and sometimes I own my things. It’s always changing.

  12. sabrina:

    I own my things

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