Question 1198

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  1. Stephanie:

    My kiddo. My spouse. My first job. My second job. My officemate, who is also my friend. My pig (guinea pig). My daughter’s dwarf frogs who are now, unbelievably, four years old, one of whom survived a medical emergency last year, thanks to a vet staff that cares.

  2. Tracy:

    My first grandchild-a precious, sweet little girl named Charleigh!

  3. Christine Ha:

    Any positive thinking..

  4. Mazl:

    ….the simple fact that I’m still here….and that’s for starters…..

  5. The beautiful relationships I have in my life.

  6. Eljai:

    The desert critters coming to my water station

  7. Ada:

    other people

  8. KK:

    The summer break I’m on from work.

  9. A good read. A good post.

  10. Carmen_Roxanyeli:

    His smile and his voice <3

  11. Unbelievaburgers:

    Anne Frank. Saucy minx…


  12. Justis:

    What would I expect would come next? Anything can happen. =)

  13. JRBLANK:

    My grandson, husband, and my daughter and her spouse

  14. zavia:

    What would I expect would come next? Anything can happen. =)

  15. chelsea:

    witty banter

  16. sathishkumar:

    Early morning birds sounds & pleasant morning

  17. The only reason that keeps me going is the hugs I receive. Every hug makes me smile and keeps me from hurting

  18. Belle:

    Stupid humor!! i.e. Dumb and Dumber, Dude where’s my car?, The Inbetweeners (original movie), Tommy Boy, Joe Dirt, etc.
    Or any type of humor!

  19. Unbelievaburgers:

    Knowing that black people die every day


    Getting my demands met

    Butt stuff



    Mother Nature putting Man in his place

    Cooking steak with a cast-iron skillet

  20. Mar00n~H:

    im simply alive ..

  21. ALeon:

    a new partner which accepts me more then anyone I’ve ever known.

  22. Natalie:

    The fact that things will get better

  23. Ellie:


  24. MP:

    Thinking about the future. And a good song on the radio.

  25. Thinking about life and games

  26. BubblesQ:

    My boyfriend ♥

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