Question 1199

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  1. chelz:

    convicting the men who raped me.

  2. I’m thinking about quitting my job [again] and traveling somewhere new [again].

  3. KK:

    Trying ivf for a 3rd time.

  4. Brian:

    Using my limited resources to study

  5. Susan:

    Giving my son am ultimatum: I love you, but get a job or get out.

  6. shipra:

    Giving my son an ultimatum to study or be on your own.

  7. To take 13 courses in one semester.

  8. Molly:

    Going to an abroad school for even though there’s a great chance I wont have any friends there and will be miserable the whole time.

  9. Wes:

    To pack up and move to another state without any support network there, except for one friend.

  10. Kristin:

    Music. <3

  11. Justis:

    Becoming a school counselor instead of a teacher.

  12. Eljai:

    Taking an outside job

  13. JRBLANK:

    Letting our condo go into default, it has been on the market for 4 years, my husband & I recently lost our jobs, our renters broke their lease and have not been able to get new renters, we have talked to three realtors and none of them will list it. Their advice has been to go into default and let the foreclosure begin. We have also had it listed on 4 sale by owner for 4 years and not even gotten a call from anyone. We have also tried to refinance 4 times to no avail. At this point it becomes a strategy move as much as we do not want to.

  14. Holly:

    Getting my first tattoo at 46 years old

  15. In my opinion, taking risk is one of the most important things we can do in life. Taking risk is equal to progress and progress is what makes us happy. We want to see our abilities, competences and personal relationships blossom. We are afraid of taking on risk because we don’t know what is waiting for us in the other end. However, if we fail to risk anything, we fail to progress.

    That is why I believe, that if you don’t risk anything, you risk everything.

  16. Rob:

    Leaving everything behind at 18 years of age to do all that I can to play my sport professionally…
    Please don’t judge me negatively, it’s honestly my passion, but I’m going to university next year.
    It’s been my only dream to be a professional soccer player but I think it might be too late,
    but does that mean I shouldn’t even try?
    I mean they tell you to follow your dreams, but spite you when you do..

  17. Getting snake bites. Also singing in front of my entire school..I can barely read I front of the class…

  18. Navyshebee:

    Rob~ follow your dream, if you get hurt school will be there, if you are going to school on a scholorship for your sport look at what kind of money you will make professionally and put away that money to go to school when you are done following your dream.Make a plan, put it forward to your family and ask for their support show you have put thought into this. If you play on that scholership and get hurt , you may never get a chance at your dream….Speaking from experience.

    Putting out finances to follow a dream, maybe losing the stability I have right now with no debt in an unsure economy.making plans….needs more thought.

  19. Anonymous:

    Trying to become a professional figure skater

  20. Mei:

    Speaking to my crush for the first time ever

  21. Belle:

    Acting..I’m borderline obsessed with actors and movies and all of that stuff. I love it.. Except a lot of people have dreams of acting and so few of them are successful, so I’m not even sure if it’s worth it.

  22. Unbelievaburgers:

    Openly crying at these responses :’-(

  23. Ria:

    Getting married. Love him but anything could happen. One/both of us could fall prey to addiction. He could get in a car crash and end up a vegetable. I could get pregnant but die in childbirth. We could have kids with special needs. Marriage equals more chances for love and joy but also more chances for heartbreak and tough times. Definitely a risk!

  24. Mar00n~H:

    loving someone

  25. counselormom:

    Trying one more time to start a home business. I’ve started and failed so many times, yet the yearning won’t stop. So I have to ask myself, why am I thinking yet again of doing this? And what is it that keeps me from the success I seek… it must be me. And I can change me.

  26. ALeon:

    trusting another man with my heart

  27. Natalie:

    allowing my heart to think about him

  28. Nic:

    Asking Paul if he’s interested in a relationship.

  29. MP:

    Coming out of my shell and being honest

  30. Vilho:

    Quit my job. Go create a system to make that money I need. Get busy with my studies and raising my new born son. Live, Love and Laugh.

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  32. Nitin:

    Arguing with my wife. Telling truth whenever she asks questions like “Am I looking fat ?” 😉

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  34. BubblesQ:

    Traveling Alone *

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