Question 1204

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24 Responses to “Question 1204”

  1. Ana:

    Change 🙂
    Hard work

  2. nani:

    falling in love, last moment changes like life always makes some 😀

  3. KK:

    The progress you make for yourself alone. You might leave people behind. The unknown might scare the shit out of you. Always believe in yourself and progress! Great luck to you all and live your best life!

  4. shipra:

    somebody’s bullying

  5. Brian:


  6. Susan:


  7. daze:


  8. Devin:

    When some one attacks you with all their force, they are not attacking you personally. They are attacking themselves deep within there hearts. The anger has gotten so intense that you just happen to see the sparks from their own personal war. So do not let it effect you. If, they do decide to attack based on this anger, turn the force towards them, but do not attack. Be reliable on your own two feet, do not get angry, accept everything, but turn the attack force into your defense. Using the same energy, turn the anger of your enemy into the enlightenment of your friend.

  9. Falling in love.

  10. Al:

    Police, jk.

  11. Darkness. Because no matter what here is always light. As Einstein said there is no such thing as darkness it’s merely te absence of light.

  12. Charles:

    Being open. It is so easy to keep yourself tucked away in a secret place try not to.

  13. Navyshebee:

    The truth

  14. Mei:

    that overwhelming presence

  15. Belle:

    Trying something new. You’ll never know until you try.

  16. Andy:

    your goals.

  17. Unbelievaburgers:

    the lack of pants

  18. Mar00n~H:


  19. Natalie:

    Fear itself

  20. garfield:

    Never, NEVER, EVER be afraid of what other people think of you.

  21. Terry:

    Aging. A privilege denied many. Grow older gracefully.

  22. Hannah:

    Being your authentic self

  23. BubblesQ:

    Being yourself 🙂

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