Question 1207

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  2. Eljai:

    a good night’s sleep

  3. taylor:


  4. Someone to ask me I’m alright. Then lend me a shoulder to cry on.

  5. KK:


  6. shipra:

    quality time with family.

  7. dada:

    a hug

  8. Mazl:


  9. Susan:

    . . . alone time. But I couldn’t agree with Mazl more. I NEED acknowledgement, but for some reason, there’s one person who simply refuses to give it to me. I wonder why?

  10. Tons of hugs and lots of love from the right person.

  11. nani:

    someone to talk too or someone who just wants to put back a smile on your face 😀

  12. Heidi:

    My daddy

  13. Sajnite:


  14. Navyshebee:

    A quiet space

  15. zeee:


  16. Ebony:

    A hug

  17. chels:

    a body pillow

  18. rj:

    hug from the right person

  19. Cor:


  20. AT:

    My MOM, miss her so much

  21. zavia:

    calmness quietness

  22. someone to listen to me

  23. breena:


  24. samia:


  25. Mei:


  26. Belle:

    Someone who understands

  27. Jen:

    A good idea

  28. Jen:

    A dirty martini

  29. Unbelievaburgers:

    A special needs kid jacking off in a wheat field.

  30. Mar00n~H:

    the one

  31. Nic:

    A hug.

  32. Ke:


  33. Nhân:

    a hug and one kiss

  34. MP:

    My mommy

  35. msgemini:

    a long warm hug

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