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  1. che:

    I would chose to lose all my old memories, and start again.

  2. Romer Jed:

    I would rather lose all of my memories…

    Considering after extensive therapy, it seems like I locked all of my childhood ones away anyway. I would rather start fresh…

  3. I would choose not to make new ones. I am quite content with my life as it is, and I would be willing to forgo new ones to keep the old. I think it’s also a spiritual issue, though. I am a Christian, and I would hate to think of my life without my faith in hand.


  4. krissy:

    i actually have no idea. this question is pretty hard actually..

  5. I can allow my memory wiped out,
    though it might sound very sad and scary,
    I think when actually everything got blank,
    I will managed to survive 🙂

  6. danceportal:

    lose all my old memories…if there’s no chance of making new memories, then how can you move forward? what’s the point of living? it’s like that movie “50 First Dates” :/ ..there’s a reason it was a sad movie..

  7. ross:

    i would want to lose all of my old memories. everybody is always saying the past is in the past, live for the future; so why give up new memories that could be made?

  8. Lily:

    The comfort of being able to make new memories make me happy, rather then just stuck with the old ones.

  9. Fran:

    lose all my old ones
    though it would SUCK 🙁

  10. Candice:

    My first thought is amnesia or Alzheimer’s? While Alzheimer’s is disorienting, amnesia evokes a feeling of loneliness. How can you move forward unless you know where you have been and that you have support? Even if I start over every day… at least I know where to start otherwise I would feel lost… and then every day I can be happy that I move forward and my old memories make me feel like a complete person.

  11. Old memories.

  12. Carrie:

    If I decided to keep the ability to make new memories…
    once they were made would they not instantly become old? All memories are of the past- that is what makes them memories- so wouldnt having the ability to make new memories in exchange for forgetting the old be redundant? Wouldnt you just lose the memory as soon as it was made?
    Or is the ability to make new memories as simple as the ability to live- does making memories imply the ability to remember them?

  13. All of my old memories.
    As long as I still remembered basic societal necessities.

  14. Alyssa:

    I’d lose my previous memories. The best is yet to come!

  15. RT:

    Lose old memories. Everything then will be new and awesome.

  16. Molly:

    Never make new ones – I strongly believe in knowing where you come from, and your life experiences shape the person you are. If you forget that, then who are you?

  17. Jenny:

    New ones. There is no way I’ll ever let go of the meetings and deep conversations with my two closest friends. And when I say friends, I mean sisters.

  18. Maddy:

    Loose the old ones. The only thing worth remembering from my past is going to be in my future, too.

  19. alexa:

    i wouldn’t want to forget a lot of good times i’ve had but i’d probably choose to move forward and make new ones

  20. Gabbo:

    This question’s basically asking whether or not you’d like to be reborn or die… I think I’ll die, thanks. I’ve seen the really horrible sides of people, but I’ve also experienced such great kindness that forgetting it would be an insult to it.

  21. gabby:

    it’s like, if you keep your old memories, then how do you move forward?
    but if you choose to lose your old memories, you cant move forward, because a part of yourself is just gone.
    it’s almost an impossible question.

  22. April:

    Lose them all. I’d rather live in the future than the past, but it’d be kind of sad to lose everything that made me me.

  23. danny:

    i would rather have all my memories wiped

  24. Kate:

    I’d rather lose my old ones. I’m young, so there is time yet to make better, new memories.

  25. kim:

    I would rather lose my old ones. My old memories mostly haunt me, and i hope to make new ones daily that are meaningful.

  26. Lose all my old memories.

    In a way, it would allow me to start over, and just do exactly what I want to do.
    And I’d rather be able to keep making new memories and forget the old, because I still have most of my life to live, and very little of it behind me.

  27. Ali:

    This question, when I first read it, really stumped me. I had no idea what I would do, especially because of my current situation, where I’m about to lose one of my closest friends.
    But after reading some of these answers, I began to realize how ridiculous I was being. I’m 16, I’ve hardly even had a chance to make old memories. And the idea of giving up the opportunity to make new ones, just so I can keep the ones I have seems almost selfish. So, after much though, I would give up my old memories. IT would be hard, not knowing who I am, but I have an amazing family and friends. I believe they would bring me through it, and I would be able to meet them all over again, make new first impressions. The ability to make new memories is something I would keep.

  28. Emma:

    I’d lose my old memories, there’s been too many painful ones and others that were made because of people making decisions for me. I’d rather make my own new ones

  29. JR:

    I would rather make new memories and lose the old ones..
    You always look forward to tomorrow and not really bother about yesterday cause what was done is done. It may affect what might happen now but can’t do anything about it. Let’s see the road ahead and the suns’ shining….!

  30. Nick:

    I think I would rather not make new ones. Contemplating on it, I had some really good memories in the past, especially I just went through high school.

  31. mylife:

    I would rather lose my old memories, and make new memories.. my past is not worth keeping anyway.

  32. Julie Takase:

    lose all my old ones. my new ones are better anyway

  33. Kristen Deneuve:

    Hard one. I would say ‘lose the old ones’ to get rid of all that pain,
    but I don’t want to forget him. you don’t forget the beloved dead – it would
    be an insult to everything they were.

  34. Rowena:

    I wouldn’t want either :/ But if I HAD to choose… I’d choose on losing my old memories. Personally, I wouldn’t mind forgetting what I’ve done but I want to remember what I will do.

  35. sabrina paige:

    That’s hard question.
    I wouldn’t be who I am today without my memories and loosing old memories would mean also loosing the good memories, but then again there are a lot of memories I would rather forget.
    So if I had to choose I would choose – loosing my old memories

  36. Joleen:

    If I really had to make a desition, I’d took: Lose my old memory. If you could never do any new memory, how are you supposed to life in the NOW?

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