Question 1211

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22 Responses to “Question 1211”

  1. Mazl:

    that I can’t think of one thing?

  2. Susan:

    One thing that is UNIQUE and TRUE about me is this: It is TRUE that I am not UNIQUE and none of us are.

  3. samia:

    that my mind and heart are damn weighty and deep. I feel their presence more than ordinary peolpe.

  4. Mei:

    My never ending passion for creativeness and my personality

  5. I speak out exactly what’s on my mind.

  6. Andy:

    I can’t listen to music. I just can feel it. And when I’m writing songs, I don’t give a fuck about if it sounds good or is “correct”. If it feels well it’s perfect to me. And if that is the case others usually enjoy listening to my songs. Hard to explain.

  7. Belle:

    As a 17-year-old everyone assumes that I am irresponsible and immature, but I am actually very independent and mature for my age. People are surprised to learn that I listen to 60s, 70s and 80s music because they assume that since I am a teenager I listen only to the modern music, like rap and shit. And I also seem to have very different views on everything than everyone else I know. My teachers say I have a “big mind”. I am just not the “typical” teenager. I’m sure there are people out there the same as me but I have never met anyone. And it would be nice to know if there is…..

    PS. I apologize for venting in this comment. I just want someone to see it my way.

  8. I am the only one who experiences life in this precise fashion…

  9. Jen:

    In a sea of grey, I am lime green

  10. kayah:

    I appreciate the big minded 17 year olds out there.

  11. Carmén Röxanyeli:

    An True thing is that I’m afraid to love and I can’t think in an unique thing :$

  12. Alexei:

    I always feel the need to read and digest important information like philosophy so that it will help me in the long-run when I’m trying to fulfil my ambitions. I’m obsessed with fitness and health and I wanna work for myself instead of working for companies that absorb time and energy for a lousy paycheck.

  13. Unbelievaburgers:

    Fuck ketchup. That shit’s awful. I don’t know what the hell y’alls be thinkin’.

    I mean, come on.

    It’s fucking disgusting.

  14. Positive thinking because “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

  15. Maryam:

    I cannot pretend anything and hide anything.

  16. Mar00n~H:

    im unique despite of what ever >> theres only one me in this world , mostly poeple think im wise for my age

  17. ALeon:

    genuine care for others…gets me in a lot of trouble

  18. Belle:

    Thank you Kayah.

  19. Mr. Hughes:

    Have a good day in school today son

    Love Dad

  20. Laura:

    My sense of humor.

  21. BubblesQ:

    Free Spirited & Spontaneity *

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