Question 1215

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  2. Unbelievaburgers:


    Because I can’t.

    [sad face]

  3. Brian:

    commit suicide physical or mental

  4. Susan:

    Get a tattoo

  5. Put myself down in my eyes.

  6. Bismah:

    can’t accept some else’s definiton about my self at any cost.

  7. Maryam:

    Betray to my standards and values.

  8. KK:


  9. Terry:

    Marinate and BBQ over Buffalo chips.

  10. henry:

    give up on myself

  11. sushanth:

    i never want to cheat myself which most people are often doing

  12. Ria:


  13. Mar00n~H:

    I would never break my priority’s to please some one

  14. MP:

    Say “I can’t”

  15. garfield:

    I would NEVER betray my bushido.

  16. msgemini:

    i would never let myself betray anyone i love

  17. smileordie:

    Try drugs.

  18. Nic:

    “Faraway Places”

  19. BubblesQ:

    Let negativity manipulate me.

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