How many true friends do you have that you can count on?

Question 1217

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27 Responses to “Question 1217”

  1. KK:

    A handful

  2. Two.

  3. susan:


  4. Eljai:

    6, four of them are family members that I also consider friends

  5. Mazl:

    .two ..

  6. CherryBomb McGee:

    People come & people go. I’ve traveled a few places & met a lot of people.
    In my endeavors I’ve found something I wasn’t looking for: true friendship.
    he is now my fiance.

  7. Brian:

    not many

  8. Debbie:


  9. Stephanie:


  10. Terry:

    It varies…depending on the topic. You’ll never go wrong by not expecting…any.

  11. big old t1tties:

    my dad slaps my butt when im in the shower

  12. Rhonda:

    One, I’ve had her for 45 years and counting!

  13. henry:

    right now no one just me !

  14. TiredOne:


  15. Ria:

    At least 2 churches full 🙂

  16. Kate:

    Four that would be there without being told I needed them. Wonderful and supportive coworkers and bosses. Family. I am very blessed!

  17. Catherine:


  18. SNS:


  19. Mar00n~H:

    as much as i like them to be , because when i choose friends i choose real ones

  20. Justin:

    about 8. Sometimes one isn’t enough or is not always there. Sometimes an old friend who you haven’t seen in a while is what you really need.

  21. saunders:


  22. Nhân:


  23. philo:


  24. Terry:


  25. msgemini:

    4 friends including my mom

  26. Alicia Marie:

    just one. SO thankful for him.

  27. BubblesQ:

    SEVEN ♥

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