Wht are you dealing with right now?

Question 1218

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  1. Exams and health issues.

  2. Eljai:

    Mental illness and coming to terms with some truths about myself and relationships and responsibilities.

  3. Jim:

    Severe. Arthritis

  4. susan:

    Helping my son transition to an apartment and independent living.

  5. Kelly:

    Life’s simple pleasure of love and why we meet the people that we do… when only one can actually fully commit themselves too. I’ve spoken so many words of how my feelings show against advisories called “why” and “how can you”, because I do and i want too. If only I would have never ruined my back I would never know who you were, so for this to be a mistake… highly unlikely

  6. Brian:

    Finding direction spiritually

  7. KK:

    Health issues, returning to work for a couple months before having to leave it in about 3 months. Being completely completely financially dependent on my husband scares me a little.

  8. Mazl:

    at this very minute,? overseas and dealing with connection issues on my iPad for contact with my family

  9. Tires:


  10. Ria:

    Doubts about my faith.

  11. A:

    Finding myself.

    Making friends.

    A broken heart.

    Being a single Mommy.

    The list goes on and on…

  12. keren:

    My dreams coming true. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Alison:

    I lost both of my parents in the last 4 years. My mom passed 4 months ago and reality is kicking in, that it is just my sister and I. I struggle with the emotions and fear of life without them.

  14. Sheila:

    Living alone for the first time in 27 years as my youngest leaves for university in 3 weeks…….exciting and scary!

  15. Teju:

    started working in school recently keeps me busy at home also bit ……exited and happy

  16. Eljai:

    My boyfriend losing his job and having to move again. 4 times in one year. I became homeless this time last year for several months. Looks like I will lose the few things I accumulated. Hard to muster enthusiasm to start again.

  17. Karina:

    Loneliness, depression, selfsteem, anxiety

  18. Mar00n~H:

    missing my friends , missing my family , a break up , bad economy >> im just dealing with life

  19. anush:

    dealing with letting go of a person who i am in love with.. need to get used to the fact that he is not gonna be mine anymore and learn to deal with life with out him.. trying my best to understand why things like that happen in life and why life need to be so difficult to face.. is it same for all? does everyone go through things like some point of their life? i would actually wish i knew answers to all these questions i have.

    hope i can face this with strength and courage. thats my only hope.

  20. Valley Dowdy:

    Court, lawyers, regret.

  21. Justin:

    Finding a guidance to the best path of myself, my future job, and the future itself. Focusing on the present helps though but sometimes would like to know if where I am going is where I belong

  22. Navysheebee:

    Identity crisis, who am I..now.

  23. binita:

    i know my friends are using me for their own benefit. But i don’t know how to get myself out of this. They come to me asking for something or the other that they need and I just can’t say no bcoz i’m not accustomed to act in a rude way. I need help.! ๐Ÿ™

  24. Shaz:


  25. chloe ๆ–ฐไฝœ

  26. philo:


  27. msgemini:

    my mind

  28. Alicia Marie:

    A LOT!

  29. Prestan:

    A major cut in hours at work, while I’m trying to pay living expenses out of pocket for college =/ Hoping for a miracle or at least a better job

  30. BubblesQ:

    Money & Time Management. Building Growth For Career. Help My Brother To Be Drug Free.

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