Question 1226

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31 Responses to “Question 1226”

  1. Reinhold:

    I wished I had earlier found to my true self and not lived with the lies of the ego mind.But I am grateful to have got the connection,though late.

  2. Jessy:

    Not all humans are as clear, as good… As i am.

  3. That not everybody who comes into our life is meant to be in it forever.

  4. Morgana:

    Helping others is the best way to help yourself.

  5. Valerie:

    To trust my own feelings and not care what others think.
    That nothing is more important than that I feel good.
    That Life is suppise to be fun!

  6. That you don’t have to experience and live life according to anyone elses expectations.

  7. Blink:

    That it’s okay to be me, in whatever form that may be in.
    To listen to myself and follow my desires regardless of societal expectations

  8. Mazl:

    that people spend more time thinking about themselves than thinking about me

  9. ALeon:

    Don’t lie to yourself, you know what is truly good for you.

  10. Debbie:

    To try more and do more new things, don’t be afraid.

  11. VMD:

    I wish I had understood how really important it was to keep my credit rating in good condition and to save for my senior years and so I would be able to help my children.

  12. Natalie:

    Don’t be afraid to follow your heart.

  13. Anwesha:

    that; in the end one is always on one’s own, alone….

  14. Nic:

    Relationships and friendships are more important than success at work.

  15. mandy:

    Never make a major decision out of fear

  16. Dona:

    That alcohol is not the answer . There is always different ways of looking at things – and all may be correct and sometimes none may be correct. Also that to hold old friends tight to the heart.

  17. Heather:

    That sex doesn’t equal love.

  18. Keith:


  19. MP:

    Be braver and take more risks. Put yourself out there to do great things

  20. garfield:

    The brick walls are there in life to let you know how much you want something. when you hit the wall do you turn back… or climb over?

  21. Yahira:

    That sometimes your friends are not your friends. So don’t put all of your cookies in one basket because that basket can brake.

  22. msgemini:

    politics at work, its hard for someone like me to do well in the politics cus i’m true

  23. Tracey:

    That I need to take risks to get what I want and be happy

  24. Shannon:

    That everyone is insecure, just like me. That they are all worried about their own problems and my insecurities aren’t as noticable as I think. So just smile, say hello and don’t worry about what they are thinking.

  25. Laura:

    It does’nt matter what they think.

  26. Felicia:

    Credit is King its better than cash in hand.

  27. jasmine:

    that people will leave no matter what you do

  28. Hannah:

    To trust my intuition

  29. Leks:

    That not every one is good and will do the right thing

  30. BubblesQ:

    That life isnt easy *

  31. Jess:

    That change is inevitable! There is no one thing that is constant & all things change! People, emotions, interests, views, love, relationships, thoughts, trends, society, etc.

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