Question 1228

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  1. craze?:

    one thing you shouldn’t do to be happy is ignore the little things that you want to do every now and then.

  2. KonVIct:

    Compare yourself to others.

  3. Nysh:

    Being angry, never felt good.

  4. Chiara:


  5. shipra:


  6. Mazl:

    run across the road in high heels

  7. Eljai:

    over indulge

  8. Stargazerlily:


  9. Hurt yourself, physically or mentally.

  10. Dinesh:

    Never have expectations from others. Never let others control your Happiness.

  11. ravi:

    never think of past

  12. KK:


  13. anvar:

    never love others more than you

  14. Anastasoukomou:

    Think only yourself

  15. Nhân:

    Love someone

  16. Filmon:

    Thinking of sadness

  17. Yahira:

    Lie to your self about being happy.

  18. philo:

    do not belive in anyone soon.

  19. msgemini:

    you should not doubt

  20. Tracey:

    Doubt that my choices are the best for me

  21. Shannon:

    Never live with regret. Forgive your self and see that everything happens for a reason. Even the really bad things.

  22. Laura:

    Try to please everyone.

  23. jasmine:

    Holding on to a something you need to let go

  24. BubblesQ:

    Dwell in the past. Being negative sometimes.

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