Question 1229

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21 Responses to “Question 1229”

  1. Blink:


  2. dad

  3. Susan:


  4. Stargazerlily:

    my ex 🙁

  5. Brian:

    Myself mostly

  6. amorya:


  7. adriana:

    My mom and myself

  8. Bonsi:

    an ex-friend of mine..

  9. Audrey:

    my mom.

  10. Anastasoukomou:

    Hardest forgiveness is allways towards ourself.

  11. Heather:

    If it was possible I would forgive my sister for the way she has treated our father.

  12. Kriya:


  13. Nancy:

    myself and others

  14. Nhân:

    Trần Hữu Tâm

  15. msgemini:


  16. Shannon:

    Nobody. After forgiving my abusive stepfather and my mother (who I felt let it go on) I realized that my happiness bepends on my forgiveness. So I always try to see where the other person was coming from. I might not like it or continue my relationship with said person (friend, lover, or family member), but I forgive them.

  17. smileordie:

    I’d like to forgive my ex who committed suicide two years ago.

  18. jasmine:

    my ex

  19. Nic:


  20. Myself for all the hurt and hate I’ve dished out to myself over the last three decades.

  21. BubblesQ:

    THAT woman who betrayed me *

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