Question 1230

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25 Responses to “Question 1230”

  1. nani:

    When my mum is really mad at me for nothing really bad and I can’t make her understand I would like to be that perfect daughter she could need…

  2. Vicki Lynn:

    Watching my husband’s brain tumor invade his life.

  3. Susan:

    Watching mental illness rob my son of his life.

  4. dada:

    watching my sick dad and not be able to help him

  5. Jeff:

    The evening news.

  6. Mazl:

    seeing my mother’s evolving dementia

  7. Eljai:

    The instability and lack of security of my boyfriend’s job.

  8. Debbie:

    Watching my brother go to jail and lose his job, because of drugs.

  9. Stargazerlily:

    broken heart 🙁

  10. adriana:

    My broken family and watching my sister work so hard to support this broken and ungrateful family

  11. Cindy Vasquez:

    Living with my mom in law.

  12. kae:

    Audit findings at work.

  13. KK:

    Trying to conceive for the last 8 years, going through ivf in the past year twice for both of them to result in miscarriages

  14. Kriya:

    Absence of Love

  15. Anastasoukomou:

    None can. Only sickness or death of a loved one but just temporary.

  16. Nancy:

    My father cheating on my mom and her not believing me.

  17. Mel:

    Living with someone I dont love.

  18. Lisa:

    Staying in a relationship with someone I know is not good for me because I don’t believe I can get anyone better.

  19. Lynne:

    Divorce and the continued fallout that never seems to end. So tired of this.


    Absece of intimacy in my life.

  21. Shannon:

    Having to use old insulin because I can’t afford my meds every month. Even know I worked so hard to get where I am today. And the feeling of high blood sugars that make my mind fuzzy and confusing which makes me irratable and then yell a little to much at the people I love the most.

  22. jasmine:

    fighting for love and constantly losing by being rejected over and over

  23. Work: a pointless drain on my precious time.

  24. annie:

    my old flame

  25. BubblesQ:

    Money & Time Management *

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