Question 1231

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30 Responses to “Question 1231”

  1. Blink:

    That I’m a lesser person because I’m transgendered

  2. Bonsi:

    That I only make mistakes nad that i’m bing worthless

  3. Rod:

    I perceive that everyone else is more capable than I am. That I am not as competent or able.

  4. Eljai:

    That I am not worth the money it takes to take care of me.

  5. Susan:

    That I am inferior in every way to every one

  6. mandy:

    that i’m unattractive and every other woman is prettier than me.

  7. Joni:

    That you must stay in your marriage and work it out no matter how unhappy, unsatisfied and unloved you are.

  8. KK:

    That I’m meant to be the person I am today for the rest of my life. I’m the person that everyone sees and thinks. “Thank The Lord I’m not her.”

  9. Ke:

    I think I’m inferior to everyone the thing that makes me agressive with others

  10. Audrey:

    That I don’t deserve to be alive.

  11. kah:

    that life is fair

  12. ana:

    That I will never be good enough

  13. Kriya:

    The misconception that I am not loved, that Love is not part of this world.

  14. Anastasoukomou:

    The belief that I can’t do it. If you believe you can’t then you really won’t be able to.

  15. Nancy:

    I am not qualified because …
    – I am foreign
    – I don’t have the right background
    – I don’t have the right experience
    – I don’t have the right body
    – I don’t speak like a VP
    – I am not an expert in the subject matter
    [fill in the blank]

  16. Dylan:

    The belief that someone I was pursing for years actually loved me.

  17. J:

    The belief that there is some ideal that I am failing to live up to and will never achieve.

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  19. Yahira:

    That you have to start something as a child to be great at it.
    Also that Talent is passed down threw genetics.

  20. philo:

    i belived that my hubby is a perfect man who can understand me well..


    Believing that others have my back when in reality I am just a friend of convience (when it is convienet for them, or they need something i have such as a skill or contact to get them what they need for a discount or free ….I no longer need that in my life.

  22. msgemini:

    thinking i have time

  23. Fall:

    My dad never supporting anything I try to do, my family putting me down for mistakes I made 3 years ago and shit friends.

  24. Tracey:

    That I owe all my time to my Family and I dont deserve to be successful and happy without them

  25. Shannon:

    What used to hold me back was the thought that I wasn’t smart enough or pretty enough. I have learned over time that beauty means nothing, but have accepted that fact that I am beautiful! Also I went back to school when I was 28 and graduated top of my class with a 3.97.

    And now what holds me back is the fear of trusting that people aren’t just using me because I am pretty, smart and have a good job.. ugh

  26. jasmine:

    God has a purpose for me

  27. That I can’t change.

  28. Alicia Marie:

    I’m not good enough.

  29. BubblesQ:

    I became a mentor and was too conscious on what others may say whenever I do my job — which didnt really help me. I was not used to being too conscious with what others may say and I really cant figure out why I let it manipulate me. Well, anyway.

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