Question 82

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  1. After spending a good time thinking about this, I would have to say that a notebook is a must have. While cell phones, the internet, and tv I would definitely miss, having a notebook is how I express myself creatively.


  2. Paul:

    My family

  3. Friends, family, music.

  4. Kitty:


  5. Candice:


  6. FAITH

  7. Definitely H-O-P-E 😉
    That is the exact thing supporting me to live everyday with smile 🙂

  8. Well, the obvious response is life.
    But, losing my son or daughter would hamper my own existence greatly.

  9. Laura:

    My friends. I don’t know how I’d survive without them.

  10. Oxygen, food, water, the sun. I hate to say it but despite how hard it would be, I think humans can persist through almost anythings. Ask Survivors…

  11. valerie:

    the love between my son, husband, and me.

  12. Abbey:

    Aside from the obvious food, air, and that such: music, always the music.

  13. Reggi:

    A month ago, I would’ve said music, straight up. Today, it’s definitely Lindz, my boyfriend (: He’s what gets me through a crappy college day <3

  14. Romer Jed:

    Aside from the necessities, I need human interaction. Although I would never admit it, I need to be able to spend time with others and enjoy their company or else I get very withdrawn.

  15. Katie:

    I would say my ipod or something material like that usually but after spending the night with my younger sister I realised how much I need my friends and family

  16. shannen:

    josh adamson. the boy who stopped me from killing myself.

  17. J-pop. God, I could not live without some J-pop. D:

    While I seriously meant that, here’s the more serious approach. My writing. I find it so amazing that no matter what goes on, I can always just listen to one of my characters tell a story and everything in my life just stops. And everything’s better after I write.

  18. Anonymous:

    A pen and paper. To write or to draw.

  19. Vicky:

    aside the necessities… subjectivity and dreams

  20. Jenny:


  21. Flower:


  22. Dancer:


  23. Rachel:

    My family.

  24. Meghan:

    My eyesight. Although my sight is poor without my glasses, if I were to go blind, I’d be unable to bear it.

  25. April:

    Those I love.
    My religion.

  26. kat:

    my ability to write

  27. Gem:

    love for others, empathy and music

  28. Emma:


  29. sodapop:


  30. Ris:

    My black and polka dot dog tag. It’s the one thing I’ve worn nearly everytime I’ve seen my sisters in the last year. It’s fallen appart countless times, but it alway gets put back together. It’s a symbol of our family.

  31. Andrea:

    God, health and music.

  32. Aaron:

    There’s no way I could live without my friends and my little brother. Nothing would be the same in life.

  33. olga:

    good music

    these things are essential

  34. Nick:

    Computer, the internet, God, conscience.

  35. sabrina:

    my cat

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