Question 1232

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31 Responses to “Question 1232”

  1. dada:

    music, familly, friends

  2. Eljai:

    the fact that I’ve made it through so much crap already. And that life is temporary. In death is peace.

  3. Stargazerlily:

    My wonderful daughter! 🙂

  4. Mazl:

    my faith – and – looking back at past experiences – resilience and endurance. i reckon now I can get through anything!

  5. Ipoy:

    Nothing. I meditate and connect to nothingness. When Im done, I feel light and my perspectives are widen.

  6. jj:

    A thought that this is something I will learn from, in order to become better, and happier 🙂

  7. Stephanie:

    I look at where I’ve been and where I am, knowing I’ve gotten to where I am because of my choices. I look at where I want to be, and then I just keep going.

  8. KK:

    The fact that time goes on regardless of what I’m going through. I have no other choice but to deal with my life everyday as it comes.

  9. Natalie:

    My dream of traveling the world

  10. That everything is a learning experience and it will all pass eventually.

  11. Anastasouko:

    Love and dreams. A hug also helps!

  12. Kriya:

    The knowing that human beings can achieve anything, cause they are magical creatures of the universe.

  13. kah:

    Trying to figure that one out right now…

  14. cassie:

    Just reading some positive articles, listening musics, doing favorite things.

  15. sandy:

    praying, talk to God

  16. Nancy:

    Commitment to the specific task or person.

  17. Ellie:

    That I finally start realizing how brave I am by going through pain instead of avoiding it.

  18. Randy Seabrook:

    The love and support of my family and belief in God’s power.

  19. Jamie:

    Knowing that I have already accomplished things that people said I never would…when times get tough, I just know I gotta get tougher.

  20. MP:

    GOD will never give me something I can’t handl

  21. J:

    Past experience, not everything is a cake walk. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way I want, but in the end they often turn out better. I may not realize it immediately, but eventually I realize that I am better for it. Also I know that I have succeeded in numerous endeavorers in the past and if I could do what I did then, then I can certainly tackle whatever lies before me.

  22. philo:

    i feel everythg is for good cause.


    Inner strength to carry on.

  24. msgemini:

    inspirational quotes & somebody who cares

  25. Tracey:

    My trust in God and belief that life goes on and that there is a lesson in everything.

  26. Shannon:

    Knowing that things will get better. They always have. God has never given me more than I can handle.

    And being thankful that I am strong enough to get thru anything.

  27. jasmine:


  28. Hannah:

    The fact that letting go is not an option
    The inspiration of music, art, and nature
    Knowing that others depend on me

  29. Faith in myself, nothing and no-one can help you if you don’t believe in yourself.

  30. BubblesQ:

    Tomorrow is another day. New chances.

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