Question 1233

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  1. Eljai:

    By making the best use of the object, opportunity, love, care or respect you’ve been given. Gratitude is not just feeling, it’s an action, a behavior, a way of life.

  2. silence, your eyes will!! sincere gratitude even if unexpressed in words will be visible in actions. Speech is not the only way to communicate.

  3. Susan:

    By getting even.

  4. Grace:

    A kiss, a hug, or more common, a gift. Body language also can be the best way to show your appreciation.

  5. Kriya:

    By giving a personalized gift, that doesn’t have to be expensive, but has to be special for that person. Many times though, a hug will be enough.

  6. A hug.

  7. sandy:

    giving somthing dat he/she like

  8. Nancy:

    – a note or a card or a post it
    – a smile
    – a gift
    – a recognition (if at work)
    – speaking well of that person to enhance their reputation.

  9. Anastasouko:

    A warm smile or a hug!

  10. Dylan:

    A meaningful hug.

  11. Karim khalifa:

    1st you have to deeply feel it b4 anything…and after that whatever you do next will be touching 🙂

  12. George:

    A handshake followed by a big hug

  13. garfield:

    Say thank you by doing something that makes the other person feel the need to say thank you.

  14. Jenina:

    SMILE and HUG 🙂

  15. philo:

    tears and smile

  16. msgemini:

    smiles and hugs

  17. Shannon:

    A big smile, people love making others happy and more than likely they did it just to see you smile! 🙂

  18. jasmine:

    big hug

  19. By offering assistance/ gifts/ gestures in kind.

  20. Alicia Marie:

    pay it forward.

  21. BubblesQ:

    Giving back *

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