Question 1235

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  1. Stephanie:

    I’m working to become a professional photographer. More correctly I’m driven to become a photographer who produces photos that are breathtaking to others. I’m losing much sleep over this and have been doing so for the last two years, and am enjoying almost every minute of it. I just spent a day processing photos from Friday evening, and it is now Sunday morning at almost 1:50am. While I am physically tired, I am spiritually very much awake and alive. 😀 May you have as much fun in your life!

  2. Blink:

    Moving abroad and leaving England behind. Working in a job where the time doesn’t matter and I’m not waiting to finish the shift an clock watching. Having free time and spending it outdoors, where I love being. Exploring the world and everything it has to show me.

    I WILL NOT allow myself to be buried in life and not find the freedom I’m looking for. I refuse to sit back and watch my life disappear.

  3. Eljai:

    finishing upcoming art projects. Visiting with my family.

  4. Nani:

    Finally getting to start my medical studies and hopefully meet that one person very very soon 🙂

  5. Anastasouko:

    Learning new things, exploring the unknown, inside or outside of us.

  6. Dv8:

    To achieve inner-peace and inner-happiness through exploration of my inner-self, my spirit, to be free.

  7. Bismah:

    wanted to be a well known writer in urdu but it seems impossible now because of a huge group of garbages who dont want me to accomplish that task.

  8. Jenina: help others— making the world a better place.

  9. to tell someone what i want to say it really energise me

  10. And fell me with excitement

  11. Ashley:

    Getting a house of own and starting a family with my love. Becoming whatever i want to be.

  12. msgemini:

    traveling the world and having enough savings i dont need to stress

  13. Tracey:

    To find love, become a wife and a mother…..oh and finally find my purpose in this life!!!

  14. zaya:

    to me enter to my dream university, study hard to achieve my goal.
    when i think about my dream i feel excited, and calm

  15. jasmine:

    Getting together with my ex boyfriend of course that is a dream. moving to Switzerland and work while i am also studying

  16. Achieving mental and spiritual well-being, and the thought that anything is possible it’s just a question of what to do first!

  17. Joleen:

    I once want to go to Australia. But right now I have no idea if this dream can ever come true…

  18. BubblesQ:

    Traveling. Product Trainer (fingers crossed).

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