Question 1236

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15 Responses to “Question 1236”

  1. Anastasouko:

    Happiness 🙂

  2. Mazl:

    Optimism, humour and resilience

  3. Eljai:

    A deeper sense of curiosity about everything and warm fuzzies.

  4. Randy Seabrook:

    That my love for them is absolute and unconditional. That they will always be loved. That they could rest in my love and be renewed.

  5. zavia:

    That my love for them is absolute and unconditional.

  6. Jenina:



    that no matter what happens in life you can get through it, it may not be easy , but you will perservere.

  8. msgemini:

    that i loved them and cared for them wholeheartedly, the best way i knew how

  9. Tracey:

    That I show my love through my actions,,,,,and all I ever did was love them without reservation and want them to love me for what I am, and not what Im not

  10. Shannon:

    to keep their heads up thru difficult times, you will get thru it and you will be a better person because you did

  11. jasmine:

    That my love for them is unconditional and that everything i do how matter ho much i work hard they will always come first

  12. To show them how to love. And not to be afraid to create and express yourself.

  13. Vilho Andreas:

    My love for them is infinite

  14. BubblesQ:

    Always leave a smile on their faces 🙂

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