Question 1237

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34 Responses to “Question 1237”

  1. Alicia:


  2. Ghost:


  3. Mazl:

    kind, predictably cheerful and reliable

  4. Susan:

    A trustworthy and kind person with a sense of humor is soooooo attractive!

  5. Eljai:

    Sense of humor not based on making fun of others, honesty, gentleness, kindness, self respect

  6. A:





  7. jj:

    optimism, honesty, good sense of humor and an open mind to new ideas and experiences

  8. Stephanie:

    A positive attitude rules!

  9. Gypsi:

    Strong character and values. Passionate and compassionate. Independent and confident. Spontaneous and a love for life. And, most important, a strong relationship with Jesus.

  10. Nhân:


  11. Megan:


  12. Open-mindedness.

  13. Jaime:

    good sense of humor, the ability to take care of himself, independence, his own hobbies and interests…and he treats me with respect and kindness.

  14. Dixie:

    Honest with a sense of humor, and I agree, the humor cannot be at the expense of others.

  15. manish kumar:

    optimistic, kind, loving

  16. Miisha:

    1.) Positive Outlook
    2.) Healthy Sense of Humor
    3.) Confident Independence, but not too independent

  17. J:

    Chivalrous, humorous, good with kids, people person, caring, genuine, confident, passionate about something bigger than themselves

  18. garfield:

    Smile and you have me.

  19. Bismah:

    the one who respect othes privacy

  20. Jenina:



    honor, integrity, and having a brain that thinks things through.

  22. sean:


    sense of humor


    caring spirit ( caring for others )

  23. msgemini:

    genuine, the smile, sense of humour, take charge capability and a caring spirit to those u should be caring for ex. the mom, family, nieces and nephews, some friends etc.

  24. Shannon:

    Honesty, willing to help others happily and thoughtfulness

    Ohhh being positive is high on the list too!!

  25. Hotchkiss:

    Focus on something with determination

  26. jasmine:

    Ability to forgive

  27. Tommy:

    Honesty, Patience, Caring, Determined in their courses of action.

  28. Sense of humour and able to see the absurdity of life

  29. annie:

    funny, smart, and open

  30. Alicia Marie:

    honesty and sense of humor. patience. thoughtfulness.

  31. Joleen:

    humour, honesty

  32. BubblesQ:

    Polite & Gentleman ♥

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