Question 1239

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21 Responses to “Question 1239”

  1. Stephanie:

    When the first few responses in a conversational exchange are tinged with negativity, I know I’m in bad company.

  2. Breon:

    When I feel my own energies become corrupted with dread, I know I am in bad company.

  3. kah:

    When I begin to forget who I Am

  4. Mazl:

    My instincts warn me when I begin to feel uncomfortable about their body language or the conversation is heading away from my values ……. … ..

  5. Eljai:

    Don’t respect personal boundaries

  6. A:

    when I start getting bad vibes

  7. Jodie:

    Bad vibes…

  8. LulúM:

    When I do things I once said I’d never do

  9. MP:

    Doing, saying, or thinking things you would be ashamed if others knew about.

  10. garfield:

    If someone doesn’t smile in a happy way… be worried. If someone can’t be happy and smile at least once in the first meeting you have with them then they don’t like you. it’s subconscious but it happens. It’s the bodies way of saying “you’re ok you are, I like you”

  11. Jenina:

    there’s been lies.

  12. Yahira:

    When all they do is talk badly about other people in their life. Most likely they are talking about you to other people.

  13. msgemini:

    people who gossip to you openly will gossip about you, openly
    people who eagerly offer a helping hand.. help should only be offered when needed
    opportunist. but can be good and bad, good if they have something u also see value in, bad if they don’t
    Someone who is belittling something or someone often.. but u have to pay attention

    it’s not how they say it, it’s what they are saying

  14. Laura:

    When your self-esteem drops.

  15. jasmine:

    constant negativity

  16. Tommy:

    When they try to get you to change your moral stance…even temporarily. They may mean well, but if they can’t respect your values, they aren’t respecting you.

  17. Nic:

    They intrude on my personal space early on in the encounter, and react badly when I ask them to keep their distance.

  18. You feel they drag you down, and you find yourself dreading seeing them again.

  19. Alicia Marie:

    negative vibes.

  20. BubblesQ:

    If there is sarcasm even just a little, then that`s the sign *

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