Question 1240

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19 Responses to “Question 1240”

  1. Janel:

    Other people are too different than me to ________________.

  2. dada:

    I will do it tommorow

  3. Katie:

    God could never forgive me for what I’ve done.

  4. A:

    I’m not good enough.

  5. Eugene Eiman:

    knowing what’s right but still do wrong and hope that it’s the right decision that I’ve made!

  6. manish kumar:

    i am helpless

  7. J:

    That they would be happy if they only had ________. In actuality it is not the events in our lives or the material objects that we have that define happiness. Happiness comes from within and it is a choice.

  8. garfield:

    It can wait ’till tomorrow. (tomorrow never comes)

  9. Bismah:

    he or she won’t cheat

  10. Jenina:

    I am living without purpose.

  11. msgemini:

    it doesn’t matter to me.
    everything should matter no matter how little

  12. Shannon:

    I can’t do it.

    Everyone can impress them selves with achieving things, if you just try

  13. jasmine:

    have hope

  14. Tommy:

    I can’t do that now.

  15. Nic:

    I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve to be loved.

  16. I have no choice.

  17. annie:

    no one cares

  18. Sally:

    I can handle ( _______ ) without help

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