Question 1246

Photo by: Nicki Varkevisser

20 Responses to “Question 1246”

  1. medina cardona:

    respect them

  2. Beverly:

    Paying attention. Time and attention are wonderful gifts to and from our loved ones.

  3. Mazl:

    do something for them you know that they love

  4. Rod:

    Being present in their life. Taking an interest in them and what matters to them. Many times, just showing up, matters. Actions speak louder than words. Personally, I like it when some one surprises me with home made cookies.

  5. Giving them lots of time. Respecting and accepting them for who they are.

  6. Dana:


  7. rwilton:

    The activity in the photo is a life changer. At age 58 a physical issue rocked my life and relationship with my wife. At age 65 I had watched all the daytime tv I could stand. On a whim I built a mountain bike and looked at it. Then I built 2 more for my grandsons and now was riding and forming a relationship with my grandsons. My wife still works but I built one for her. Our lives were were dependant on what was happening at that moment. We began riding together in a provincial Park. The path winds through the middle. Riding there is to the sound of turkeys, the white flash of a tail darting off. The rhythmic sound of the drivetrain and the tires lightly scratching the path and the world just keeps getting farther behind you. The sun is out again. We are young again and in love again. My pain is a memory for a while till I begin oiling our chains again. We are off to the same trail but it is a NEW day again and I am blessed. Thank you for the photo.

  8. Jenina:

    Giving them my time.

  9. philo:

    the quantity of time knowing abt them.. listening to them when they truely need you.. hold their hands and make them feel how special and important they are in your life

  10. msgemini:

    shout outs via internet or text along with a personable gift whether its fav chocolate or favourite drink!

  11. Shannon:

    Kisses!! I grab my 12 year old when she is down and hold on to her tight and kiss her all over her face till she laughs. I love kissing my boyfriends sholders in the mornings to wake him up. 🙂

  12. jasmine:

    i write them a beautiful message and give them stuff i consider special

  13. Tommy:

    I do what I can to eliminate their problems. Communication is not my strong suit.

  14. Changing what I would normally do to fit with what they want to do, or want in a partner

  15. Sally:

    Feed them!!

  16. Emma:

    Hug, kiss or leave them a heartfelt note somewhere they’ll find it once I’ve left like on their pillow.

  17. BubblesQ:

    Taking care of them *

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