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  1. Alicia Marie:


  2. philo:

    why people dont understand their loved one.?

    y always one dominate in marriage life..

    do the opposite party really understand how i feel or they act if they dont understand..

    am i wrong in wat im doing wen i feel its right?

    y i stoped sharing my feelings thinking none is going to support me..

    more and more

  3. Eljai:

    Why am I so reactive lately?

  4. Just exactly why God created 2 sexes.

  5. Just exactly why God created 2 sexes. Too frustrating.

  6. Mazl:

    family dynamics

  7. George:


  8. Josey:


  9. Devaroe:

    Most people

  10. Janice Smith:

    How congressman can be so poor at doing their jobs and still have employment. Just about anywhere else they would have been fired long ago.

  11. alvin:

    i think of my problems constantly because it keeps happening and affecting me
    is it because of the trainning or practicing or is it just normal i dont know which i dont know how to remedy this mess its actshowlly not as simple as it seems yeah this is probably really long.

  12. ana:

    How to show love and affection, I love my family but I’m not sure how to show it, I don’t know anymore!

  13. kaly:


  14. msgemini:

    why nothing is never enough, always wanting more & more.. bored easily, happy moments but never content.

  15. Tracey:

    How independant I need to be of my family

  16. Shannon:

    Why when I was taught that men are all jerks that dont want anything besides sex, is there a wonderful man in my life right now that does amazing things for me just to make me feel good without wanting anything in return. And why he excuses me from my over reactions when he can easily walk away.

    Is this what real love is like?

  17. Mary:

    To be the kind of mother and wife I want to be or the way they want me to be? I guess strike a balance.becoz they are not what I want them to be.

  18. Alex:

    How intelligent and highly educated people can be so narrow minded.

  19. Maureen:


  20. jasmine:

    why am i alive and i do not have a purpose in this life

  21. Tommy:

    When I consider that life might be based on destiny, I wonder how the hell I’m supposed to make what appears to almost be possible happen. Otherwise, it seems like life is designed to be a slap in the face. Why else would I finally find true love after two marriages only for that person to be in my home state after I joined the military and moved halfway across the world?

  22. Love

  23. Alicia Marie:

    how selfish some people can me.

  24. Alicia Marie:


  25. Leks:

    Why won’t people love me

  26. Lizzy:

    The pictures behind these questions

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