Question 1253

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19 Responses to “Question 1253”

  1. abc:

    I want her back…

  2. George:

    I want her…..back

  3. amber:

    Second chance in saving face….and the last four years ago…I wish I could get a chance to do Feb 29 2009 over and not ever picked il crystal method… id still have my kids.

  4. Janice Smith:

    Second chance to give Mom the shots she needed. She is still kicking, but I think her quality of life would be much better, and I wouldn’t feel so guilty for her poor health.

  5. Eljai:

    Going back and retrying something, revisiting something never did me any good. I’ve tried to come up with an answer to this for two days. And really I don’t want a second chance at anything, I just want to keep moving forward.

  6. elaine:

    id show him how much I truly love him….

  7. dada:

    I wish my father have a second chance ….

  8. sree:

    I need a nother chance to live my childhood

  9. kaly:

    fixed my mom and dad’s problems, shouldn’t have tried to meet the society’s standards, letting out inner voice.

  10. JL:

    I want a second chance at my relationship with the man I love.

  11. P:

    picking which college to go to, how I spent my summers, etc. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and redo things.

  12. runtomyrescue:

    can i have more than one second chance lol

    second chance to mend all relationships that i have carelessly taken for granted and abused in the past. u always realize it when it’s too late

    second chance to try again with him, the right way. but timing is a bitch thatll screw u over in those moments ………..

  13. Suelily:

    Now that I am a widow, I want a second chance on love, marriage and a relationship to the most thoughful man in the world. I know he is still out there as God is still working on him for me!

  14. Shannon:

    at being a good and thoughtful mother. I had to go to school and work while my daughter was in kindergarten and first grade. Altough it has improved our lives, I would love a second chance at giving her the attention she deserved.

  15. jasmine:

    i want a second chance to be with daniel

  16. Tommy:

    I wish I had a second chance to be honest with everyone that thought I was their friend. I was just surviving off of the praise I got from them in response to my lies.

  17. I would like a second chance to prove to J that I am the right person for him, we just got off to a shaky start then things got shakier. I’d also like a chance to live my early childhood again, so I wouldn’t act so nutty in relationships and I’d love myself and be the person I glimpse but have never actually been. It isn’t too late, will just take a lot of time, tears and trials.

  18. BubblesQ:

    Cigarette smoking — how I wish I can take the years back and never have tried it *

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