Question 1254

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  1. Mary Anita M Kelly:

    Over purchasing of craft materials just because they were on sale or looked cool. I need to think things through and PLAN so I stop wasting valuable time and money.

  2. Mazl:

    shoes… The ones that were ‘reduced/desirable brand/great design/wonderful/ flimsy/special occasionflattering etc’ in the hope that they would fit/be comfortable/be stunningly different /fabulous/ make me feel amazingly wonderful etc’

    and they didn’t

  3. Brian:

    changing a job when i really did not have the skill for the new one, thus putting my family in to financial spiral. Lesson well learnt

  4. Eljai:

    There are very few regrets I have over anything, so really all I can think of is some purchases…some clothes I bought that I liked but really had few opportunities to wear, didn’t fit my lifestyle.

  5. I wish I didn’t start that long distance/online relationship because I invested a lot of emotions into it and it didn’t transfer into a real life relationship. I could have saved myself the heartache.

  6. P:

    college. While it’s worth it, I was not ready to leave home and the workload was surprisingly intense. I also wish I had more time to think about options of different colleges instead of choosing one that was so far away. Kinda wish I was still home, but I have to snap out of the past.

  7. runtomyrescue:

    rush getting back into relationship with the ex while the current other half could have been my soul mate

  8. Susan:

    Second marriage. It’s been a nightmare.

  9. Tracey:

    Spending money as soon as Ive earned it

  10. Jezzi:

    Having sex. I felt stupid not having had sex yet, so I rushed into doing so with a guy who I wasn’t even in a relationship with. I wish I would have waited for someone I loved and trusted.

  11. jasmine:

    travelling to europe

  12. Anonymous:

    Love or online relationships. I set myself up for heartbreak way to quickly.

  13. Tommy:

    Marriage…twice. You’d think I would learn.

  14. Choosing what to do after leaving university.

  15. Sally:

    my last relationship, 15 years… 2 of the best years of my life

  16. BubblesQ:

    I love my boyfriend. But sometimes, I think I have rushed it a little *

  17. Lizzy:

    That barbed wire fence in the picture.

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