Question 1259

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  1. Mazl:

    mostly anything newborn – they generally bring their own love with them

  2. Kajsa:

    A pet

  3. erica/Vinicius:

    Our parents.

  4. Katie:


  5. Susan:

    a puppy

  6. Eljai:

    The Sun

  7. KK:

    My sweet puppy Lacy.

  8. kirby:

    for me its my wife she is so easy to love and I can see in her face and the way she looks at me she feel the same, every year that goes by our love grows wehave been together 32yrs

  9. JD:

    Kirby…how I wish I could find a woman to love like that! What’s the secret?!

  10. zavia:


  11. zavia:


  12. Alicia Marie:

    kids and animals!

  13. Tracey:

    A good sense of humour

  14. Shannon:

    your children

  15. someone that wants to be loved.

  16. Ashleric:

    JD there.s no perfect partner, the lasting relationship will be perfect if you have consistently nourished and water it with affection and love. Girls likes material things but ur love and affection is the key to make the relation last and your partner will complete you just lthe same you complete her

  17. Tara:


  18. JRB:

    my grandson!

  19. Mary:

    Kids and the food they love.

  20. Alex:


  21. jasmine:

    my sister

  22. Anonymous:

    Food, nature, animals, a good sense, of humor.

  23. Tommy:

    My good friend that always accepts me for who I am.

  24. TheUntouchableEric:

    The Beatles.

  25. yourself. But if you’re not there yet, it’s also the hardest thing.

  26. Alicia Marie:

    kids and animals.

  27. Alicia Marie:

    and nature 🙂

  28. Joleen:

    A little cute pet 🙂

  29. BubblesQ:

    Anything that relates to the ocean — like colourful shells, photograph of the sea with sunrise or sunset, etc 🙂

  30. craig:

    An infant.

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